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HISTORY, is the premier destination for historical storytelling. From best-in-class documentary events, to a signature slate of industry leading Non-fiction series and premium fact-based scripted programming, HISTORY serves as the most trustworthy source of informational entertainment in media.

We produce a diverse variety of genres ranging from ancient mysteries to historical crimes, military, cars and Japanese and world history to satisfy the intellectually curious who actively pursue the truth.


Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens

"Ancient Aliens" presents clues and theories that extraterrestrials have visited Earth for millions of years.

Great Escapes With Morgan Freeman

Great Escapes
With Morgan Freeman

Great Escapes with Morgan Freeman provides an up-close and personal view of what prisoners were faced with in executing historically infamous breakouts.

Cultureshock: Michael Jackson’s Final Curtain Call

Cultureshock: Michael Jackson’s
Final Curtain Call

On the ninth anniversary of his tragic death, this heartbreaking and celebratory documentary is a fast-moving cultural critique on the day that Michael Jackson passed away.

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