A&E Networks Japan G.K. establishes the following policies to satisfy the safety and trust of customers regarding the handling of personal information necessary for its business operations.
Based on this policy, we make best effort to appropriately manage all personal information by establishing provisions for the protection of personal information and thoroughly informing all officers and employees.

Privacy Statement

Society's interest in the importance of protecting personal information due to advanced information technology has been increasing, and we believe that protecting personal information received from all customers including related companies is our social responsibility, as a broadcasting operation company.
We establish the following personal information protection policy, and declares that it promotes the protection of personal information by establishing a mechanism for protecting personal information, thoroughly recognizing the importance of protecting personal information and implementing initiatives for all employees.

Article 1 Purpose of Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

We acquire personal information after clarifying the purpose of use and use them only within the scope of the purpose. The purpose of use will be clearly stated in the Personal Information Management Register, and at the responsibility of the person in charge of managing personal information in each department that deals with personal information, we establish and implement confirmation procedures to prevent use that deviates from the purpose of use.
We establish an internal management system and take safety management measures to prevent the use of personal information beyond the scope of the purpose of use.

Article 2 Management and protection of personal information

The management of personal information is strictly carried out, and we do not disclose or provide data to third parties unless the person in question consents to it. In order to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of personal information, we prescribe and implement safety management measures. In addition, we establish and implement procedures to prevent issues, and promptly correct to prevent recurrence if the problem occurs.

Article 3 Compliance with Laws and Norms

We comply with laws and regulations, guidelines established by the government, and other standards applicable to the handling of personal information held by us.

Article 4 Responses to Inquiries and Complaints

For inquiries and complaints regarding personal information we own, we establish a system and procedures and promptly respond.

Article 5 Continuous improvement of personal information protection management system and mechanism

We continuously improve the management system and mechanism for the protection of personal information.

Enactment date March 1, 2005
Revision date June 1, 2018
A+E Networks Japan. G.K.
John Flanagan, Representative Executive Officer & President
Habiulu Nishishinbashi 12F, 2-35-2 Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003

(The Company's Personal Information Handling Regulations)
We announce the handling of personal information collected, used, and provided by the Company and the customer service information as below.

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

(1) Personal Information
Services will be used within the scope of the purpose of use presented below, except as required by laws and regulations.

Service Type Range of Use of Personal Information
Reception services
(Request for materials, opinions, inquiries, etc.)
※(Note 1)
  1. 1. Sending materials
  2. 2. Communication regarding opinions, etc.
  3. 3. Providing information about the service and useful information, etc.
  4. 4. Request for questionnaires on improvement of services, etc.
  5. 5. Various statistical processing
Various recruitments
(Participation in programs, events, gifts, campaigns, etc.)
※(Note 2)
  1. 1. Application lottery or delivery of prizes
  2. 2. Required contact for the recruitment
  3. 3. Providing information of similar campaigns or events
  4. 4. Request for questionnaires on improvement of services
  5. 5. Posting program guide
  6. 6. Providing information and useful information about the services operated by us
  7. 7. Various statistical processing

(Note 1) When collecting personal information at the reception service, the department in charge explains the appropriate purpose of use and ask for your consent.
(Note 2) When collecting personal information in recruitment projects, we use it within the scope of the purpose of use presented below, except in the case stipulated by laws and regulations in services such as programs, websites, pamphlets and notices.

(2) Personal information of investors, employees, job applicants, and business partners

Service Type Range of Use of Personal Information
Investors Communication and sending materials stipulated in the Commercial Code, etc.
Employees and Staff Operations for human resources and labor management
Job applicants Decisions about hiring, communication of interviews, notification of recruitment results
Business partners Business communications, sending of greetings

(3) Personal Information in Other Cases
When we receive personal information other than the above in a new business or other, we will clearly indicate the purpose of use and obtain your consent.

2. Joint Use of Personal Information

(1) In case of joint use of personal information, we carry out procedures stipulated by laws and regulations, such as the manifesting of the other party.

3. Providing Personal Information

We will not provide personal information to third parties except when disclosed below.

Service Type Purpose of Providing Party to which it is provided
Various recruitments
(Events, gifts, campaigns, etc.)
Application lottery, sending prizes, Introduction of services of sponsor company We state in the application outline when we provide them to sponsor company.

(2) The consent is obtained from the customer when providing various services, etc.

(3) When the company has completed the procedures stipulated by laws and regulations on the condition that the providing be suspended at your request.

(4) In case of payment of fees and other, information may be exchanged with financial institutions in order to confirm the validity of the account number and the validity of the credit card.

(5) May be required to provide the information in accordance with laws and regulations.

4. Outsourcing of Personal Information

Personal information we received may be outsourced for delivery, statistical processing, etc.
With regard to outsourcers, we select business operators that meet our standards, conclude contracts for confidentiality and safety management, and conduct appropriate supervision.

5. Contents of Personal Information

In principle, we collect the minimum personal information necessary for our business (including administrative processing) when providing services.
We collect from investors and job applicants the minimum personal information necessary to perform our business.
When we collect some arbitrary matters in the application form of various services, we indicate that it is an optional matter. To items with this notation, there is no influence on the scope or quality of the service provided even if it is not filled out.

6. Related to the handling of personal information, disclosure, correction (addition or removal), suspension of use (deletion) of personal information, or suspension of provision to third parties

(1) Customer Service
For notification, disclosure, correction (addition or deletion), suspension of use (erasure), or suspension of third-party service of the purpose of use of personal information held by us, please contact below.

Contact for Personal Information

(2) Requests
1. Requests for notification of the purpose of use of personal data held by us.
2. Requests for disclosure of personal data held by us
3. Requests for correction, addition or deletion of personal data held by us.
4. Requests for suspension or erasure of personal data held by us.
5. Requests for suspension of the provision of personal data held by us to third party.

(3) Procedures
1. Contact customer service for inquiries. (Only the person in question can complete the procedure.)
2. We send you a request form by mail if necessary.
3. Fill out prescribed information on the request form and mail it to above center (6.(1) customer service). (Attach a copy of certification issued by public institution to confirm your personal identification, such as a copy of your driver's license, passport or health insurance card to identify yourself.)
4. After confirming the contents of the request, we carry out appropriate processing without delay and respond in writing (sealed letter).
5. Depending on the laws and regulations, we may not be able to respond to requests for disclosure, etc. If we can't respond to your request, we let you know the reason why.
6. On 6.(2) requests, a fee of 540 yen per case is charged for the 1. "Request for Notification of Purpose of Use" and 2. "Disclosure Request". The payment method is stated on the invoice enclosed in our response.

Note) If you would like to use your agent to send a request, please contact us (6.(1) customer service) directly.

7.Complaints and consultations regarding

personal information For complaints and consultations regarding personal information, please contact the applicable contact point (6.(1) Customer Service) above.

8.Retention Period of Personal Information

Personal information of subscriber will be completely erased or discarded at the end of the retention period.

About Accredited Personal Information Protection Organization
We are a member of the Personal Information Protection Center (Secure Broadcasting Authorization and Research Center), which is an accredited personal information protection organization under the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. If you have any questions regarding the handling of personal information related to our broadcasting services, please contact them. (Service is available in Japanese only)
Please note that this is not a contact for inquiries about our broadcasting services (program content, etc.). Please contact them directly if you still have questions about our handling of personal information related to our broadcasting services after receiving explanations from us. (Service is available in Japanese only)

Secure Broadcasting Authorization and Research Center
Personal Information Protection Center
(Telephone contact information is listed in the URL above)

Appended 1. Website
The content of this site can be used without revealing your personal information. However, we may ask you to provide personal information for surveys, campaign applications or material requests. When providing the service, we clearly indicate the purpose of use to customers in advance by law and fair means.

Appended 2. Link
This site may be linked to other websites, please confirm the handling of personal information at the link destination by yourself on the linked site.
On encryption, this site uses a special cryptographic communication technology SSL [Secure Socket Layer] for the page where you enter personal information.

3. Use of Cookies
We use cookies on this site.
Cookies are the function to save the record of website access on user's PC or mobile device. The information collected through cookies does not contain any information by which we can identify an individual. You can disable the cookie feature by setting your browser. However, this may cause some functions to not work properly.

Contact for Personal Information
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